Do you need hotel CRM?

High level of service is the main factor of the prestige of hotel. The personnel has no right to a mistake, each oversight can develop into financial losses and loss of trust.

  • Don’t you know how to exclude idle time of numbers?
  • Aren’t sure of conscientiousness of employees?
  • Isthereanoverbooking?

CRM will help to minimize a human factor, to get rid of paperwork and irrational use of working hours and finance. The program will allow to exclude mistakes in booking and to simplify management not only of the number of rooms, but also restaurant, a laundry, and accounts department.

Increase the loyalty of clients

In CRMit is possible to store any data in the client’s card: a request to wake in certain time, preferences in food or need to replace towels before the schedule. Have forgotten to record a wish? Just listen to a record of a call.

  • remind of yourself to the interested clients;
  • fix all the information on the client in a card;
  • quickly you find contacts and documents.
  • Providereferenceservice

CRM for the hotel will help to ensure ideal client service and harmonious functioning. Create the check sheets for each stage of work, and all employees will follow reference regulations at the booking confirmation, a meeting of the guest and receiving payment. Employees will receive hints in time, and you — evident information on current affairs.

It is easy to integrate Customer Relationship Management System for the hotel with telephony, mail, social networks, and messengers. The applications arriving from different channels automatically remain in the system — now you don’t miss any client. You easily post a booking form which will transfer data from the client to the system at once on the website. CRM will process each online application: will create tasks for the administrator, will notify the head and will send the SMS to the client.

  • keep in touch with IP-telephony;
  • get access to records of all talks;
  • use possibilities of online booking.
  • Alwaysrelevantscheduleofbooking

Use the calendar in CRM hotel for booking, note occupied, closed on repair and vacant rooms. The administrator won’t be able to offer the client already occupied number: the problem of an overbooking will be solved forever!

  • data on the number of rooms are available on any device;
  • any confusion with paper magazines;
  • provide marketing automation;
  • one clique in the calendar to open the client’s card.

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