Finer Options for the Scrap Metal Dealings Now

The recovery of old objects is a metal mine to recycle and resell among scrap dealers. Whether it is the old microwave oven of the neighbor, the hi-fi system or the abandoned lighting in the street or other objects abandoned to their sad fate on the sidewalks, there is often enough to sort the scrap metal, aluminum, the electric cables that the scrap dealers buy willingly. Here is a little method to revalue these objects and earn money by participating in recycling and thus an ecological approach.

Valuing metals: knowing how to separate them

All the money you will earn is based on the separation of the metals to bring the “pure” metals to the scrap dealer. If you have pipes and faucets made of copper and brass mixed, there will not be much to draw. On the other hand, if you bring to a scrap everything that is copper on one side, and all that is brass in another bin, you can win the full price it will offer. To earn money, do not hesitate to inquire about the highest scrap dealer: indeed, some scrap dealers buy more expensive metals than others.


Scrap is the set of steel parts. To recognize scrap metal, a magnet is the best tool: if the magnet sticks to the piece, the piece is made of steel and will be part of your scrap pile. Rust is an obvious indicator too. Scrap metal is what is most common, but also (unfortunately) the cheapest. From famous for used scrap metals you will be having the best deal now.

Sell ​​scrap to earn money

Scrap can be found in the bulky objects left in the city streets on sidewalks: ovens, microwave ovens, metal tables, hi-fi sets. It will then disassemble all these devices to separate the scrap.

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