What do you mean by Low code platform?

Unlike traditional programming methods, Low Code Development works with visually designed application design and graphical modeling techniques. In other words, users can literally click together the desired software themselves. Even employeeswithout any knowledge of programming and scripting languages ​​could soon be able to create software applications in their company with just a few data models and front-end templates to optimize their business processes and self-assembled programs that are tailored exactly to the needs of the company and although, without having to deal with flat learning curves or expensive programmers. Low Code Platforms are the name of the future cloud-based software development solutions that do all this and much more. Here in https://www.bpmonline.com//l/paas/software/low-code-platform you will learn more about the basics of Low Code Development with advantages and field of application.

Above all, low code is one thing: easy

The fact that users can literally click together the desired software literally themselves is already the main advantage of Low Code Development Platforms, namely that costs for project planning and development as well as training measures for the employees. In addition, Low Code Development is also meeting the shortage of IT specialists as a new entrant, the software developers in the market can be quickly incorporated into this new software development technique. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning a programming language, let alone studying computer science.

In practice, there are low-code platforms with graphical user interfaces that already provide small, ready-made applications. The applications can usually be adapted or configured with little effort. Programming code is hardly or not necessary anymore. Existing applications and functions are provided by the providers of the Low Code Platform and are further developed in the cloud in real time. The principle is actually already long of content management systems known as WordPress or Drupal. So anyone can build a complete website with all the graphical elements and functions without having to create a single line of HTML code. The definition of Low Code Development is shortly creation of individually designed applications without having to code you.

Conclusion: Features of Low Code Platforms

Many low-code services let you deploy, manage and evolve completed low-code applications in a private cloud or public cloud. Automated deployment for all users in the cloud ensures immediate availability. That is an advantage in update management.With Low Code, you can develop software much more intuitively than with classical programming with abstract code. What helps are visualized models of business logic, data models and user interfaces. They contribute to a model-driven software development. So power users possibly supported by professional application developers can easily model even complex applications increase in productivity by a factor of ten compared to conventional programming are quite possible.



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